How TV is Influencing Everyday Fashion

How TV is Influencing Everyday Fashion

Fashion is cyclical, whether that be through the changing seasons or the return of iconic fashion trends from previous decades. Television series induce this cyclical nature through their ability to make people feel nostalgic and bring back fashion trends of the past.

With streaming services such as Netflix, Prime and Disney+ leading the way for new shows and movies, people are now binge watching series on a regular basis and becoming exposed to the influence of tv fashion.

We have taken a look at different fashion trends, aesthetics and clothing items related to popular series from the last five years and analysed the search volume for each, before and after the television shows started, to find the shows with the most popular influence on fashion.

Our data analysed popular series from HBO’s Euphoria, to Netflix’s extensive list of popular shows including Stranger Things and Bridgerton. With some shows proving to influence everyday fashion, such as Euphoria, and some failing to inspire, including You, what fashion trends have risen since binge-worthy box sets started?


Since Euphoria hit television screens in 2017, there has been a huge 1868% increase in searches for “Y2K fashion” and a 66% increase in “low rise trousers”. Proving to have the most influence on everyday fashion, Euphoria channels early 2000s nostalgia through their crop tops, gems and low rise trousers.

Once again proving fashion follows a cyclical pattern, Euphoria character Maddy Perez channels Y2K fashion better than anyone else. Her cowl neck tops, velvet and cut outs helped revive noughties style trends that people thought were a thing of the past. 

But what is it about the character that helped inspire this fashion trend? Perhaps it’s her confidence and sass that drew people to her and her aesthetic. However they did it, the Euphoria stylists influenced an increase of almost 2000%, making it the most popular trend from any TV show in the analysis.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things has famously become Netflix’s most popular series since its launch in 2016. Through costume design, prop and music, the series provides a major throwback. In the recent series, “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush became a focal point which led to an increase in Spotify streams by almost 10,000, but it’s not only music that Stranger Things is influencing.

With a show so popular, it’ll be no surprise that searches for certain 80s fashion items have increased in the last six years. A 356% increase in “scrunchies”, 99% increase in “shearling jacket” and 47% increase in “Hawaiian shirt” makes Stranger Things one of the most influential shows for everyday fashion.


Bridgerton is known for its ability to show characters’ personalities through colour and style, but it also influences the way viewers are dressing every day. Through reinventing round gowns and classic jewellery, Bridgerton fans have taken Regency-era fashion and made it their own.

Since the first series aired in 2020, searches for “puff sleeve dresses” have risen 332% and “puff sleeve tops” 77%. The series is set over two centuries ago so the sense of nostalgia may not be there, but the idea of old romance has definitely influenced contemporary fashion trends.

Other Shows That Have Influenced Fashion

Tiger King

Though some may question the fashion sense of the iconic Tiger King, many have taken a liking to the animal print clothing and bleach blonde mullet as searches for “mullets” have increased 143% since the show started, and “tiger print” has increased 42%. 

Sex Education

The character’s of Sex Education’s fashion was once described as “timeless and non-specific” by Rosa Dias, costume designer for the show. The costume design isn’t meant for fashion lovers, but instead provides a summary of teenage life, whether it’s Otis’ simple style, or Ruby’s love for vibrancy.

Even though the show’s costumes are not for fashion lovers, doesn’t mean Sex Education hasn’t had an influence on trends. Searches for “chunky boots” and “varsity jacket” have risen by 137% and 32% since the show started. 

Peaky Blinders

Throughout the series, the Peaky Blinders have styled slick 1920s’ tailoring and baker boy caps for the gentlemen, and flapper dresses and fur coats for the ladies. 

Interest in the Peaky Blinders’ outfits has continued throughout the five series, with groups using the theme for parties or even inheriting the style in everyday life. Between series three and four, searches for “flat caps” rose 99%, and “wool jackets” rose 110% ahead of series five.


Notorious for its cringe-worthy scenes and bizarre storylines, Riverdale has managed to influence some fashion trends throughout its five seasons on Netflix. Searches for “woollen jumpers”, as seen on Betty Cooper, rose by 500% between seasons one and two. 

Shows That Failed to Inspire Fashion Trends

We’ve learnt all about the shows that are influencing everyday fashion, but what about those that failed to inspire today’s trends?

Surprisingly, Emily in Paris saw little increase in searches for clothing items related to the show, even though the series is set in the fashion capital of the world. Perhaps the daring outfits worn by Emily were out of reach with everyday fashion. 

Similarly, You provided no inspiration for fashion trends, but may be down to the fact the show is set in the current time period. Once again proving that TV shows set in the past have a greater influence on fashion.

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Data Methodology

Relevant trends and clothing items were chosen for a list of popular TV shows. Global search volumes were analysed for each keyword using Google Trends data from the last five years. Percentage changes were then calculated to find changes in search volume between each series release date, as well as overall changes from the first series to the most recent series.