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N.Peal cashmere fabric is truly special because we have total control of the process, from goat to the finished luxury garment you see in our stores. We can trace our cashmere wool right back to the individual herders who tend their goats on the vast steppes of Mongolia. We understand the regional variation in quality and set strict quality standards for the color, fineness and length of the fiber we collect. We know every production process inside and out from scouring to spinning to knitting and finishing.


Cashmere is grown by Capra Hircus goats and the coats producing the best cashmere in the world are located in Inner Mongolia.

This is because the herders have learned the best ways to care for their animals over many generations, but also because their area of Mongolia experiences extremely harsh winters, leading the goats to grow a longer and finer winter coat. Creating conditions for the ideal cashmere source.


Temperatures in Mongolia can reach -40 degrees Celsius. In order the survive the goat must grow its long winter coat. When the weather begins to warm up in the spring, the goat will shed its winter cashmere coat and it’s then that the herders comb the animals to harvest the cashmere.

We use only the longest and finest fibres for our knitwear and it's only through controlling the entire process that we can guarantee the highest quality luxury cashmere.


We really understand the supply chain and know what makes the difference to ensure great quality - we set the standards. To be a luxury cashmere brand we must have the highest quality cashmere. From fibre to garment, we invest in the total production process to ensure the highest standards of quality for our customers and to continue to be a reliable destination for exceptional cashmere. Cashmere fibre is at the heart of what we do. Preserving its quality and longevity as a natural resource is of upmost importance. We want to ensure that this luxury can be utilised for generations to come, to preserve the environment and to preserve the herders truly unique way of life.

Experience the softness of N.Peal cashmere wool for yourself with both our men’s cashmere clothing and women’s cashmere knitwear. With great care taken from source to product, we provide luxurious cashmere that’s always on-trend; shop today for complimentary delivery and bespoke wrapping.

"Cashmere requires an amazing transformation from being grown on the vast Steppes of Mongolia to being available from our luxury stores. It is this passion for cashmere and our desire to work with this wonderful fibre that defines N.Peal."

Adam Holdsworth

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