London Style vs New York Style

London Style vs New York Style

Americans say sweater, we British folk say jumper. Whilst we might be similar in some respects to our American counterparts, our fashion styles differ immensely. Americans are famous for their bold, polished and uniformed look, but across the pond in Britain, we're admired for our freedom to dress a bit quirkily, freely and most importantly with a little more fun.

Effortlessly Stylish Sportswear

With New Yorkers and Londoners balancing busy working weeks with hectic hobbies, it might seem impossible to combine a love of fashion, working out and all the trouble of changing in-between.

When we think of the popular Sportswear designers, we think of big names such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, all born in the USA.

However, no one can deny Britain's passion for sport and a recent surge of athletic gear, which is undeniably practical, but doesn't necessarily have that high end, slip-me-on luxe appeal.

Our N.Peal women's loungewear represents London in the high style stakes, proving that us British can also pull off classic sports luxe fashion. The luxurious Bold Stripe Cashmere Trousers in Navy Blue and Sand Brown are an effortless way to pull of the classic sportswear trend.

American and British Fashion Off the Catwalk

The USA started functional fashion, backed by some of the biggest worldwide trends such as the first commercial manufacture of jeans by Levi Strauss in 1873. The aim was to provide durable trousers for tough jobs, mirroring the American motto working hard achieves your dreams.

It was a similar story in Britain from the 1940s, as women needed practical clothing to work in hard labour roles during the war. As a result, women all over the world began to wear trousers with rolled up shirts and jumpers; overall an androgynous and practical style approach was preferred for the practicalities of working life. Our Herringbone Cashmere Coatigan in Navy Blue and Fumo Grey is a classic example of modern masculine-inspired womenswear.

Staying Stylish in Extreme Weather

London typically enjoys a cooler summer, followed by dark and milder winters and generally a wetter climate. In contrast, New York has a more extreme climate, with long hot summers and very cold and snowy winters.

Men in New York favour our Fur Lined Quilted Jacket in Fumo Grey and Dark Grey to shield them from the harsh snow, whilst Londoners prefer to wear a waterproof rain mac to keep them dry.

Both American and British fashionista's would enjoy a multifunctional shawl, like our Pashmina Cashmere Stole in Atlantis Blue, which can be used as a picnic blanket, or thrown over your shoulders during an evening stroll. Shawls give us that glamourous feminine feeling, wherever and whenever they are used.

Who Wore Cashmere Jumpers Best?

One of the biggest fashion focused debates between the UK and the USA is deciding who wears a cashmere turtleneck better and who wore it first. Americans would argue that their nation's vintage sweetheart, Marilyn Monroe, helped to give the turtleneck elegance and sex appeal, showing off her famous hourglass figure, paired with high-waisted trousers and iconic blonde hair.

But Londoners could cite the popularity of the roll neck on our nation's sweethearts such as Kate Middleton, Princess Diana and of course world-famous model Kate Moss.

What would you wear our Trafalgar Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper in Black with? Americans would say trousers, or as they call them, slacks! However, the arrival of the mini skirt in London in 1964 put the city firmly on the fashion map as the whole world wanted to get the London look and pair cashmere jumpers with skirts.

You can get your very own London look with our brand-new autumn skirts, which are the perfect companion for our classic cashmere roll necks. The Milano Maxi Skirt in Black is a wardrobe staple and perfect to wear with a tucked in roll neck.

NY Fashion vs London Fashion

New York offers a unique and exciting atmosphere, full of life and buzzing with anticipation for the next timeless shape. The London scene, by contrast, is often described as a city where people like to work hard and play hard with their fashion choices, choosing brands built on heritage and history.

What does London have that NYC doesn't? London is full of eclectic small designers whose styles are vibrant in nature. Here at N.Peal, we began in the 1930s as a small designer selling from one store in Burlington Arcade, which remains our flagship store.

With N.Peal, you can choose between New York and London style and a mix somewhere in-between. Whether you shop at our London stores, at our New York store or online, you'll get the same great quality and flair you associate with N. Peal.

Browse our new menswear and womenswear collections at N.Peal and look forward to stepping out in an outfit inspired by London or New York style!