How To Dress For Wedding Season, No Matter The Location

How To Dress For Wedding Season, No Matter The Location

While wedding season comes around every year, this year feels particularly special. Holidays and events are set to begin again, warmer weather is bringing with it the buzz of summer anticipation, and the blossoms are readying themselves with blooms of white and blush to envelop newlyweds in petals of confetti.

Whether you’re looking to pop the question or planning ahead for the big day, we’ve uncovered the world’s most Instagrammable engagement and wedding spots for some matrimonious inspiration. With locations included from across the globe, we’ve made sure to offer our insights on the perfect ways to style our cashmere for the occasion, no matter the clime. 

Reviewing Instagram data for some of the world’s romantic retreats, we’ve collated Instagram’s top ten proposal locations based on hashtags including ‘proposal’ and ‘engagement’, and hashtags including ‘wedding’ for Instagram’s top ten wedding locations. 

Europe and North America come out on top for hosting the most Instagrammed hotspots for weddings and proposals. Europe takes up six out of the top ten proposal locations as well as six out of the top ten wedding locations. Meanwhile, North America scores three locations in the top ten places to propose, and four of the top ten wedding locations. 

France is the most popular country for declarations of love, taking first place for both the most Instagrammed proposal and wedding locations. For betrothals, Paris takes the heart-shaped biscuit, while the French Riviera proves most popular for weddings. 

France and Italy both boast four features across the two lists, including iconic romantic troves like Paris, Rome and the French Riviera. Greece and Hawaii both feature twice - once on each roundup. The stunning Greek island of Santorini is unsurprisingly on both lists. In Hawaii, however, it seems Instagrammers are getting engaged in Kauai and married in Maui. 

Take your pick of these breathtaking locations for your special day and explore the full results below. 

Ten Most Instagrammed Proposal Locations
1. Paris - 43,400 posts
2. Bali - 28,700 posts
3. New York City - 22,000 posts
4. London - 13,000 posts
5. Rome - 5,900 posts
6. Venice - 4,900 posts
7. Santorini - 3,000 posts 
8. Barcelona - 2,252 posts
9. Kauai - 1,976 posts
10. Grand Canyon - 1,168 posts 

City breaks and beachy escapes make up most of the top ten Instagrammed locations to propose, from Barcelona and Rome to Bali and Kauai. 

Whether you’re ambling through the cobbled pathways of Montmartre, or sipping poolside Cuba libres in Canggu, a mid-length cashmere dress is the perfect piece for a day-to-night look. For chillier city breaks like London and Paris, you might want to pair with a jumper for a chic, layered look.  

Ten Most Instagrammed Wedding Locations
1. French Riviera - 228,000 posts
2. Tuscany - 213,000 posts
3. Las Vegas - 195,000 posts
4. Santorini - 147,000 posts
5. Paris - 136,000 posts
6. Maui - 126,000 posts
7. Newport - 62,900 posts
8. Provence - 62,700 posts
9. Riviera Maya - 51,300 posts
10. Amalfi Coast - 47,800 posts

    Europe takes up 60% of the most Instagrammed wedding locations, and nothing quite says continental charm like the draped silhouette of a pashmina. For that perfect wedding present, why not peruse our cashmere gifts for him and gifts for her too?