5 Ways To Boost Your Wellness In December

5 Ways To Boost Your Wellness In December

As the dark nights creep in and the days begin to get shorter, the lack of daylight can often send us into a slump. In fact, it’s actually estimated that 2 million people in the UK suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) every year. This is otherwise known as the ‘winter blues’. However, due to the pandemic compelling us to slow down and appreciate the small things in life, more people are putting their mental health and wellbeing first.


At N.Peal, we understand the importance of looking after yourself, so we’re giving you 5 of our favorite ways to boost your wellness and stay happy, healthy and hydrated this winter season. 

Create Luxurious Moments at Home

A cup of coffee, a book and a pair of sunglasses laid on a tray on top of a white duvet and pillow on a bed.

Due to the world coming to a standstill during the pandemic, we were forced to spend more time at home. This has led to an increase of consumers investing in products that allow them to have more luxurious moments at home. There are so many little extras you can do in order to create happy moments at home, but we’ve included some of our favorites down below. 

Invest in some cozy pajamas or loungewear

Let’s be honest, if you’re relaxing at home for the evening, you’re most likely going to be changing into your pajamas or loungewear. So what better way to boost your mood than by slipping into something a little bit more luxurious. Why not invest in some silk pyjamas or cashmere joggers to bring some style and comfort to lazy days at home? N.Peal even has a range of cashmere loungewear accessories, like a super-soft sleep mask and comfy slippers that promise to add a special element to evenings spent at home. 

Upgrade your homeware

Investing in luxurious homeware is a sure fire way to make the time you spend at home more enjoyable. We’re not talking about spending thousands of pounds redesigning the kitchen, either. Adding small, curated pieces, like artwork from your favorite artist or soft furnishings can really help to make your house feel more like a home. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for soft furnishings, N.Peal has a selection of fur-trim cushions and sumptuous blankets that are perfect for lounging on a Saturday night. 

Move Your Body 

A woman sitting on a bench in workout clothing, with a workout mat rolled up.

Moving your body is a vital part of health and wellness. Exercise allows us to spend more time outdoors, get in touch with our bodies and most importantly, get those all important endorphins we need to stay healthy and happy. Exercise doesn’t have to be weight lifting, running and HIIT, however.  In recent times, new wellness trends on social media platforms such as TikTok have shown that low intensity workouts are becoming increasingly popular, especially yoga and pilates. You don’t even have to leave the house to get started either, as Katie Pierce on TikTok has plenty of pilates tutorials and challenges to join in with at home, while Yoga With Adriene has free youtube videos to get you started on your journey to wellness. 

Need some new workout gear to get you started? N.Peal has a selection of cashmere leggings and joggers to keep you cool and comfy during your low impact workouts. 

Sleep Comes First

A man asleep in a bed under a white duvet.

For a lot of people, the pandemic caused them to slow down and prioritize their health and wellness, and a vital aspect of that was sleep. Getting enough sleep is so important for our mental and physical health, and getting 8 hours of shut eye a night is the perfect way to boost your wellness. Is sleep something you struggle with? There are plenty of products on the market to help. Why not try using apps like Calm or Headspace? Both are specialists in using sound and mindfulness to soothe your anxieties and help you to fall asleep peacefully. 

Eat Mindfully

At this time of year, it can be difficult to stay in a routine when it comes to our eating habits. It is the season to indulge after all. However, making more conscious choices with our meals throughout winter and the festive season can actually help boost our wellness and keep us feeling happy and motivated. That’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy all of the treats that come with this time of year, though, just in moderation! 

Some tips we have for eating more mindfully include listening to your body, eating foods that are nutritionally healthy and eating when your body tells you it needs fuel, rather than just at random times throughout the day. Our bodies know best! 

Take a Digital Detox

Flat lay image of a salad with the ingredients placed next to it including courgette, carrots and tomatoes.

We’re all guilty of spending too much time online. If you often find yourself logging off from work, only to sit scrolling through social media for hours on end, this one is definitely for you. Although it’s true our phones allow us to stay connected to our loved ones through the click of a button, it’s also important to take a step away from our phones and do something that we enjoy outside of the digital world. Maybe you want to spend time cooking a delicious meal with your partner? Or perhaps you want to get outside and enjoy nature with nothing but your thoughts? You could even take a journal to write down how you feel to help you to feel even more grounded. Whatever you want to do, it’s important to just put down your phone and enjoy the moment. 

We hope we helped you find some inspiration to take care of your wellness this December! If you’re looking to invest in any basics for your wellness journey, have a browse of men and women's cashmere on our website today.