Your Guide to Cashmere in The Summer

Your Guide to Cashmere in The Summer

Known for both its comfort and luxury elegance, cashmere is the choice for so many people in the cooler months throughout the year. But with its incredible breathability, softness, and versatility in styling, it has fast become the chicest style pick for those warmer summer months too.  

Cashmere garments are ideal layering pieces and bring an added touch of luxury to your look. Plus, wearing quality summer cashmere also allows you to stay cool due to its unique ability to regulate body temperature. Learn about why cashmere is the perfect choice for warmer climes and discover summer cashmere for even the warmest of days.

Can You Wear Cashmere in The Summer?

While cashmere may be your go-to for fall and winter, why save your favorite luxury pieces for only a select few months of the year?  

One of the best things you can do to incorporate cashmere into your summer wardrobe is to ensure you’re investing in high-quality cashmere pieces. Learn more about the difference between poor and high-quality cashmere with our simple guide. This guide looks at the grades of cashmere and how you can quickly and easily discover if your cashmere piece is of beautiful quality – if it is, it will work in all temperatures and seasons.

For summer cashmere, it is best to look for lightweight, finer garments that offer the luxe softness that cashmere is famous for alongside the breathable versatility that helps to keep you cool.  

Cashmere is also a fantastic choice for those cooler summer evenings, adding a light yet cozy layer to any ensemble.

Is Cashmere Too Hot for Summer?

At N.Peal, our high-quality cashmere is 100% Mongolian. It comes from Capra Hircus goats in Inner Mongolia – they produce the best, finest quality cashmere in the world.

Temperatures range from bitterly cold to much hotter summers, which make their adaptive coats ideal for temperature regulation. This then translates to the garments after the fibers have been crafted into stunning knitwear pieces.  

As cashmere is light and breathable, it should never be too hot for summer. It all depends on how you choose to layer it.

What is The Best Temperature to Wear Cashmere?

One of the central reasons we love to create beautiful cashmere pieces is its innate versatility. A fine, lightweight cashmere garment can be the perfect layering choice for even the coldest of winter days while remaining an elegant and cool choice for warmer temperatures.

A true staple in your wardrobe, choose just the right style for your year-round capsule collection and you can wear your cashmere in hot or cold temperatures, day or night.

Ensuring your cashmere is of the highest quality is the best way to promise a comfortable, breathable wardrobe essential for every season. Discover how to care for your cashmere and how to store your pieces to ensure their quality remains as beautiful as the first wear.