How To Host A Luxury Dinner Party

How To Host A Luxury Dinner Party

Spending time with loved ones is so important. And what better way to show them your appreciation than throwing a luxurious dinner party? It’s the perfect way to serve up your favorite dishes and create a cozy ambience that isn’t always possible to get in a restaurant or bar. Not only this, but dinner parties are also a great way to add personal touches that will have your nearest and dearest talking about for years to come. We understand that planning a dinner party takes time, though. That’s why we have included some excellent dinner party ideas, from recipe inspiration to luxurious finishing touches that promise to make your dinner party a soiree to remember. 

Table decorated for a dinner party with white napkin, flowers and cutlery

Create A Menu To Remember

If you’re throwing a luxury dinner party, your usual weeknight spag bol isn’t going to cut it. With that in mind, however, you should definitely stick to dishes that you know will be a hit with your guests. For this, we recommend keeping your menu simple, classy and most importantly, delicious. If you need some inspiration, don’t worry, we have included some of our favorite easy dinner party recipes down below.

Serve up small plates and appetizers

A spread of meats, fruit, bread and drinks on a table covered in a white table cloth

Serving up small plates and appetizers is the perfect way to serve something lightweight and palatable whilst also giving you a chance to mingle with your guests. It also means you can tide them over with a bit of food while you’re preparing the rest of the meal. 

Keep it simple

For the main dish of your dinner party, you may feel pressure to cook something extremely complicated you haven’t tried before. But in these instances, it’s best to keep things simple. Choose a dish that’s elegant but easy. Why not try a risotto? Not only are they easy to make, they can also be dressed up with more gourmet ingredients to add a luxurious finishing touch. 

Handwrite a menu

A great way to really elevate your dinner party is by handwriting a menu. It’s a chance to get creative and add a personal touch that your guests will really appreciate. We recommend investing in some high-quality paper and good stationary to help you along the way.

Decide On A Dress Code

Wondering what to wear to a dinner party? One way to bring a luxurious touch to your dinner party is by having a dress code. If you really want to amp up the glamor, you can make it black tie. Or, you could have a theme specific to your menu. For example, if you’re serving up Italian food, you could set the theme as an Italian Summer. 

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Have A Welcome Drink At The Ready

A woman holding a tray of glasses of champagne, welcoming guests

One way to really wow your guests is to have a welcome drink on hand when they walk in. This could be anything from wine to beer. We recommend, though, if you’re really wanting to stand out, to create your own cocktail that fits in with the theme of the evening. This way your guests will know you have put a lot of thought and effort into the evening. Looking for cocktail inspiration? TikTok is home to plenty of creators, including the_tispyginger, who posts her delicious takes on classic and simple cocktails that you can use at your next dinner party. 

Plan Some Entertainment 

When you’re in between courses, it’s a good idea to have some entertainment on hand for your guests. This doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. One of the best ways to entertain your guests and get everyone together is by planning some dinner party games. There are so many adult board games on the market that can help break the ice and supply hours of fun and laughter, such as Cards Against Humanity and murder mystery games

Don’t Forget The Finishing Touches

An outdoor table setting dressed with table cloths, plates, flowers and glasses

When planning your dinner party, it’s important not to overlook the finishing touches. These are small things that are going to bring the luxurious element to your dinner party. For example, using cloth napkins instead of paper and using appropriate glassware and cutlery. If you’re really wanting to go the extra mile, you could also prepare a playlist and make a seating plan, complete with name tags at the table to let your guests know that they were fully considered in your dinner party preparations. 

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