Modern Ways to Wear Leopard Print

Modern Ways to Wear Leopard Print

Timelessly stylish, yet effortlessly eye-catching, few prints have endured the ebb and flow of seasonal trends as successfully as leopard print. No ladies' wardrobe is complete without one or two choice pieces in this classic, yet bold print, and we are thrilled to re-introduce leopard print to N.Peal as part of our delightful Spring Summer 2017 Women's cashmere collection.

What we adore about leopard print is its versatility; from sleek office wear to glamorous evening attire, leopard print can be incorporated into any type of outfit, and used as a 'neutral' to complement virtually every colour imaginable.

Design houses such as Dior and Dolce & Gabbana return to leopard print time and time again in their collections, and the only limits in how to wear leopard print are your imagination! Below, we'll share our favourite contemporary ways to style the pattern, which truly never goes out of style.

Make your stripes come to life

The Parisian style staple, Breton stripes with leopard print could well already be regarded as a classic combination - and these two prints are one of the easiest ways to wear the 'mixed prints' trend that fashion bloggers and celebrities currently so adore.

Our Superfine Textured Stripe Cashmere Sweater, seen in our Spring Summer '17 video above, makes the perfect partner to our Superfine Leopard Print Cashmere Jacket; or alternatively, drape our gorgeous Striped Cashmere Cape with Pockets over the Superfine Leopard Print Long Sleeve Cashmere Top to allow the stripes to dominate the look.

Complement a colour block In our previous post on the N.Peal Journal, we took a look at the colour blocking trend, which just so happens to be the perfect partner to leopard print. Whether you prefer to pair pastels together, or take a brighter approach with blocks of contemporary colour, a leopard print accessory such as our best-selling Leopard Print Cashmere Scarf makes a sophisticated finishing touch without taking away any of the attention from your colour blocking look.

Layers of leopard print

Twinsets will always be evocative of vintage Coco Chanel, but layers of matching leopard print have made a return to fashion - and for our Spring Summer 2017 Women's Collection Video Lookbook, we paired our Leopard Print Cashmere Shell Top with our standout Superfine Leopard Print Cashmere Jacket, because you can simply never have too much of a good thing.

If you're hesitant to wear two pieces of leopard print together, complete the look with your favourite blue jeans to keep it casual. Or if you dare, wear them with a pencil skirt in bright pink or turquoise blue for a head-turning look that any chic city girl would be proud of.

What are your favourite ways to wear leopard print this season? Do you prefer a classic look, or will you be trying a more contemporary style? However you like to wear your leopard print cashmere pieces from N.Peal, we would love to see your looks. Upload a snap of your outfit to Instagram and tag us @n_peal_1936, using the hashtag #npeal in your caption to ensure we see your photo.