Spring 2024 New Collection

Spring 2024 New Collection

A Fusion of Luxury, Culture, and Bohemian Elegance

Waking up at El Fenn for the first time is an indelible experience - a harmonious chorus of songbirds and the captivating scents of amber, leather, and incense, even in the darkness. Our journey began as we arrived late at night, dampened by the second rainfall of the year, entering Marrakech’s historic Medina to discover El Fenn’s unassuming doors, welcomed by red-tinted darkness and a reception area thick with the aroma of wood smoke and the languid presence of two cats.

The vast, high-ceilinged room echoed with luxury, and the pool-like bath, surrounded by jade tiles and illuminated by an orbed lantern, took 20 minutes to fill. In the morning, the verdant courtyard, still glazed with rainwater, transformed with the emergence of fuchsia sofas, striped upholstery, and Moroccan rugs. A family of tortoises moved gracefully through the foliage, beckoning us to explore beyond our room.

El Fenn, recognised as one of Morocco’s most photogenically bohemian gems, captivates with its labyrinth of tranquil courtyards, lantern-lit trails, gleaming pools, and characterful suites. The final stage of its grand expansion last year revealed 13 interconnected riads, each room, a one-off creation, follows El Fenn’s distinctive style, bold colours, mid-century furniture, ancient local decorative touches, and captivating art from the private collections of owners Vanessa Branson and Madeline Weinrib.

The hotel's allure extends beyond its walls, providing a fascinating blend of jewel tones, Agadir red marble, double showers, hand-stitched camel leather floors, traditional open fireplaces, and enormous chandeliers. Yet, it's easy to forget that the vibrant colours and charming chaos of the Medina lie just beyond the high walls.

The Culmination: N.Peal's Capsule Collection Inspired by El Fenn

Now, El Fenn's charm transcends its physical spaces. Our new collection is inspired by the rich tapestry of El Fenn. Refined colours, luxurious textures, and eclectic elegance of the hotel, we bring forth a collection that mirrors the captivating spirit of Marrakech.

Immerse yourself in a fashion journey that echoes the mesmerizing allure of this Moroccan gem.

Explore and Indulge: Our New Collection El Fenn

Experience the allure of Marrakech through the lens of luxury as we introduce a new collection. Immerse yourself in a world where high-end fashion meets the spirit of opulent travel. Whether you've been enchanted by the magic of El Fenn or are captivated by its storied essence, this exquisite collection provides a unique opportunity to embody the timeless spirit of Marrakech.

Discover the Magic in Every Detail

Indulge in the N.Peal New ‘El Fenn’ collection, where each piece tells a story of luxury, culture, and bohemian elegance. Elevate your wardrobe with a touch of Marrakech's enchantment.

Explore the collection today.