The Art of Classic British Style | N.Peal London

The Art of Classic British Style | N.Peal London

At N.Peal we've seen a lot of changes in British fashion since our inception in the 1930s and we're proud to have kept the worldwide appeal of quintessential British dressing at the forefront of our brand over the decades.

In honour of St George's Day, which is dedicated to the Patron Saint of England, we celebrate our own heritage and the art of classic British style and clothing. We take a look at what makes the British dress sense so iconic, and why it has stood the test of time to influence our cashmere knitwear collections at N.Peal, as well as fashion culture around all corners of the globe.

N Peal Art of British Dressing St Georges Day

Traditional British clothing and styles

The art of classic British style and dressing is renowned the world over, and rightly so. Britain is, after all, the nation that invented many of the garments that have become wardrobe staples for the fashion conscious. These are pieces that have never gone out of fashion but have simply evolved with the times.

From the classic raincoat to the Harrington jacket; bowler hats and the finely tailored three-piece suits to our own luxury knitwear; British designs and names have firmly defined both our country's heritage, and established our place within the fashion world. Furthermore, quality materials combined with sleek lines and a natural lean towards functionality have given the classic British dress sense an iconic luxury quality, which is admired and imitated across the globe.

As well as being at the forefront of fashion innovation for many years, the British have taken on the influence of other cultures and techniques in their pursuit of perpetual excellence. Take the Flemish weavers' impact on the cloth manufacturing industry; the Jewish influence on tailoring; West Indians bringing colourful shirts to British streets during the '60s and '70s; the impact of hip-hop on everyday wear during the '80s and '90s. Each of these approaches and cultural reinventions have influenced and shaped the designs of iconic British luxury brands through time.

The determination of each successive generation to add its own stamp has also influenced classic British styles, with each youth sub-culture merely a reworking of a previous style to create something fresh and new. Rather than erasing the past, we find that new generations simply add to the richness of traditional British clothing by reinterpreting it in new and exciting ways, which contributes to an ever-evolving definition of what constitutes as 'British style'. Having got it so right in the first place, British luxury brands have never seen the need for revolution, and continue to cleverly incorporate new ideas into tried-and-tested benchmarks.

At N.Peal, our approach to quality remains the same, but our techniques and influences continue to grow.

N.Peal - classic British styles with contemporary twists

Regardless of the season, our N.Peal collections are founded upon iconic British fashion style, with contemporary touches and a choice of colours to suit all discerning dressers. Below are a few of our favourites from our men's collection. N.Peal Oxford Round Neck Cashmere Jumper in Blue Wave Our Oxford Cashmere Sweater, seen in the James Bond film Skyfall in the Blue Wave shade, is a perfect example of a piece which captures the spirit of classic British dressing. The round neck is timeless, but the cut and colour are utterly contemporary. Close-fitting without being too snug, the Oxford can be worn next to the skin in warmer weather but will fit over a shirt with ease. The high neck gives a versatility that allows the sweater to complement both smart and casual classic British styles. Finally, the material used - our 100% Mongolian Cashmere - is the finest available.

N.Peal Milano Cashmere Jacket in Flint Grey

The Cashmere Jacket is a great example of keeping the timeless British dress sense alive yet up-to-date. Our new interpretation of a British dress staple keeps the original silhouette but adds a versatile edge, making it the perfect transitional piece from the boardroom to the bar.

N.Peal Fine Gauge Mock Turtle Neck Jumper in Dark Charcoal Grey

Another N.Peal British fashion classic used by the James Bond franchise is the Mock Turtle Neck Sweater. Made from a lighter weight cashmere, this sweater can be worn under a sports jacket or layered up for the great outdoors. The Mongolian cashmere and silk yarn retains warmth on colder days whilst being breathable when things warm up, and it is this versatility which is a cornerstone of traditional British clothing.

What could be more classic than a V-neck sweater? Originally invented to show the wearer's tie, we've kept our best-selling Burlington V-neck sweater contemporary by employing a modern fit and high 'V'. Still giving ample room for a tie should the wearer require, our V-necks look equally smart over a T-shirt and can even be worn alone, as an alternative to a shirt.

N.Peal Burlington V Neck Cashmere Jumper in Derby Grey

Iconic British Style Recognised Across the World

When people think of classic British dressing, a look through some of the iconic dressers of our times provides a few pointers as to why its reputation never wavers. Consider the likes of Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, Steve McQueen and Michael Caine, to name but four. All immaculate dressers who favoured classic British styles, fabrics and brands over their American or European counterparts. Although each was influenced by the trends of the day, they all dressed with confidence and flair, creating their own unique styles rather than being defined by the clothes themselves. N.Peal is a brand which continues to be favoured by many who want to capture the timeless elegance that our brand represents.