The N.Peal Store Teams Share their Favourite Pieces from Our Autumn-Winter Collection

The N.Peal Store Teams Share their Favourite Pieces from Our Autumn-Winter Collection

If you are a regular visitor to any of our N.Peal stores you may be familiar with some of our friendly team members, who are real N.Peal experts as they are surrounded by our beautiful Mongolian cashmere designs every day!

Naturally, every member of the N.Peal team has their favourite pieces from each of our collections, so we asked them to reveal which styles from our Autumn-Winter 2015 cashmere collection they adore the most. Not only that, but they have also shared their styling tips with us to help you feel inspired.

Neville Carter, Burlington Arcade

Having been a member of the Burlington Arcade team since 1976, there may be nobody who knows N.Peal better than Neville, and he's only too happy to share his favourite classic and on-trend N.Peal pieces.

From the N.Peal women's collection, Neville chose the Long Milano Cashmere Coat, an effortlessly elegant piece that takes inspiration from classic N.Peal styles, yet features the Milano stitch which has debuted in the women's collection for the first time this season.

npeal milano knit cashmere coat

The Long Milano Cashmere Coat is new this season and has been a great success, Neville explains. I like the Milano stitch; it's a special knit that we use that gives a more tightly-woven look. It's a great piece that looks fantastic on the body, and can be dressed up or down.

Available in two elegant yet versatile shades, Navy Blue and Pebble Grey, this piece is an essential addition to every wardrobe and Neville has a few tips on how to style it. I'd add a thin black leather belt around the waist and wear this coat with trousers, but the length means it also looks great with skirts and dresses. It's more of a 'proper jacket'.

As for the men, Neville chose another Milano stitch piece from our Autumn-Winter collection: the Chelsea Milano Cashmere Waistcoat in Thistle, a rich hue that's perfect for this season, and Neville shared a secret with us about this particular style.

chelsea milano thistle

The Chelsea Milano Cashmere Waistcoat is one of our five best-selling items in this store; we have one customer, who I cannot name, that always buys at least half a dozen of these whenever he comes over from America!

It's a piece we have had for many years with a nice clean cut, but in a beautiful new colour. You can wear it as a waistcoat or as a casual, depending on the colour - the Thistle colour would look great with a dark charcoal suit.

Jessica Righetto and Elena Moriero, Piccadilly

At the Piccadilly N.Peal store you'll find a stunning selection of our accessories, alongside a choice of key pieces from the Autumn-Winter collection. Jessica Righetto and Elena Moriero shared with us their favourite pieces to take us through the season.

Jessica's choice was the beautiful Fur Collar Poncho in Fog Grey and Charcoal Tipped Fur, as she loves its unique shape, as well as the fur collar detail which gives it an elegant touch and makes it smart, casual and comfortable all at once.

fur collar poncho

The piece selected by Elena was our best-selling Pashmina Shawl in New Ivory, which she describes as a beautiful accessory than can be worn as a shawl, as a scarf, as a headscarf, or in many other different ways. It's a bright colour, perfect for every season.

pashmina shawl new ivory

Nathalie Ly, Knightsbridge

Nathalie Ly from our Knightsbridge store loves to help her customers choose their favourite pieces from the N.Peal collection. She has a great many of her own too, and she has shared her most loved items for the season.

Nathalie's choice is the Fur Placket Milano Gilet in Navy Blue and Navy Blue, which she describes as a great colour combination - so much so that all of the ladies at the Knightsbridge store have added it to their own Wishlist's!

fur placket milano gilet navy blue

She also adores the Fur Placket Milano Gilet in its Rich Brown and Sable Brown Tipped Fur colourway, as well as the longer version of this piece, which is a new addition to the N.Peal collection for this season. fur placket milano gilet sable brown

The Long Fur Placket Milano Gilet is a very easy to wear garment; day or night it can be combined with a shirt, or worn over an N.Peal Superfine Cashmere Sweater or the Long Milano Knit Cashmere Coat. It is a bestseller here in Knightsbridge, and is very much a unique garment! Thank you to the N.Peal store teams for kindly sharing their favourite pieces from the N.Peal Autumn-Winter 2015 collection with us. We'd love to hear which pieces you love most too. Leave us a comment below to tell us what you'll be adding to your wardrobe to see you through the colder months.