Chapter I is where we start our Spring Summer '23 journey, at the House In The Wild. A luxury lodge located on the bend of the Mara river within the Enonkishu Conservancy. The lodge plays a vital role in supporting the local Maasai who own the land. The innovative initiative is committed to sustainable rangeland management, allowing adequate space and resources for all people, cattle, and the wildlife so they can live and grow in harmony.

Lands that could otherwise be intensively farmed are left to rewild and return to nature whilst tourism from the lodge contributes financially to support the local Maasai who own the land.

The conservancy has experienced a remarkable increase in wildlife from this initiative that only continues to grow.

The aim is to achieve a balance between the conservation needs of the local ecosystem and appropriate enterprise for the Maasai people.

Hippos wallow in the river throughout the day whilst crocodiles harmoniously basked in the sun on the riverbank.

Monkeys chatter in the trees, warthogs (nicknamed locally as pumba) graze within the grounds and a bloat of hippos congregate in the river.

Two bright, bold shades for the season, both Papaya and Vermilion red have rich, earthy undertones, ever-present throughout the Kenyan landscape from riverbeds through to the Plains.


Our Chapter I cashmere collection infuses new shades of Papaya, Tawny orange, Zanzibar blue and Nile blue with some of our signature grey, neutral and blue tones to create the perfect palette, inspired by the vast African landscape.

Our signature knitted dress features an elegant micro-pattern for Spring in the form of our geometric jacquard. A tonal knit combining Navy, Nile Blue and New Ivory exudes sophistication.


Our Spring Summer ‘23 collection is inspired by and was photographed in Kenya, Africa. Click here to shop Chapter I - House In The Wild.