Chapter IV of our African adventure takes us to Olerai camp, situated at the center of the House In The Wild. All meals are centered around camp but depending on the time of day, the light changes as do the sounds, scents, views and wildlife around. The focus always remains the same though: every meal is an occasion to be enjoyed, with the combination of fresh home grown produce, incredible natural surroundings and passion from the team and guests. This is where stories are shared and memories created.

As we settle in to watch the sun set on the banks of the Mara River, we reflect on what makes this place so special. Inspiring? Definitely, but also exciting and humbling in equal measure. We feel enriched with a new-found understanding of modern day conservation.

At sundown, the fireflies come out like fairy lights as we light the lanterns and the campfire. We sit and listen to the crickets and frogs as they crank up the volume, overpowering the sound of the flowing river, the occasional grunting hippo and lions in the distance.


Everyone here has deep-rooted connections to the local community and a shared passion and vision for the future of this place and the generations to come.

Nothing tastes better than home grown, freshly picked vegetables and herbs. The Wild Shamba is where these ingredients are grown and harvested, to be shared and enjoyed at camp.


All of the senses are ignited. The setting, the company, the sounds, every flavour, every bite, every scent, every sip. Every glance at every view.

Our Chapter IV cashmere collection introduces new hues canvas pink, steel grey and mahogany brown, combined with our signature neutral almond and classic navy shades, the perfect palette for evening attire.

The Spring Summer ‘23 collection is inspired by and was photographed in Kenya, Africa. Click here to shop Chapter IV - Olerai Camp.